About Us

Inside-shop-2I have always been passionate about confectionery and can remember as a child going to the sweet shop with my 20p to spend on penny sweets.

I distinctively remember the taste and happy feeling it gave me, one of those wonderful memories of childhood.

Nothing beats the feeling of tasting a good quality sweet!

Here at Sweet Shoppe Dreams we wanted to bring those wonderful childhood memories back as well as creating lots of new ones.

I have spent a lot of hours sourcing the finest quality of confectionery to ensure an amazing taste experience every time.

I will be working with award winning companies who use traditional methods such as making boiled sweets and fudges in the old copper pans and letting them cool down naturally which really brings out the authentic flavour.

A top class chocolatier who makes wonderful taste combinations with her slabs of Belgium chocolate topped with mouth-watering ingredients along with truffle puddings.  Plus chocolate pizza’s and so much more.  You will be spoilt for choice!

Gifts for all ages

We cater for all occasions with our sweet buffets and very unique Candy Ferris Wheels which will look amazing at any event.

We also make birthday bags, cone bags, wedding favours and centre pieces for that special occasion.  Anything confectionary related we can do.

I look forward to seeing you soon and making your sweet shop experience a good one!

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